Hi I just wanted to send an email and thank princess hair shop for the wonderful service and beautiful hair I received from the time I placed my order the customer service was outstanding I received my package in a very timely manner and when I saw my Cambodian curly hair I couldn't wait to get it installed I didn't seal my welts I cowashed the hair and it was even more beautiful I had my install (done by hairweavekilla89 IVY) a little over 3 weeks ago the hair blends perfect with my natural hair I got a sew in with minimal leave out I have lengths 20/22/24 I hadn't experienced an tangling and maybe a stand or two of shedding with all that said I am a very very satisfied customer and am looking forward to purchasing from princess hair shop again


Hi I just wanted to send an email and thank princess hair shop for the wonderful service and beautiful hair I received from the time I placed my order the customer service was outstanding I received my package in a very timely manner and when I saw my Cambodian curly hair I couldn't wait to get it installed I didn't seal my welts I cowashed the hair and it was even more beautiful I had my install (done by hairweavekilla89 IVY) a little over 3 weeks ago the hair blends perfect with my natural hair I got a sew in with minimal leave out I have lengths 20/22/24 I hadn't experienced an tangling and maybe a stand or two of shedding with all that said I am a very very satisfied customer and am looking forward to purchasing from princess hair shop again


This curl pattrn (Brazilian Curly Wavy) is everything!!!! I did as instructed on the hair advised and cowashed the hair and now its in a bad sitting for a few hours there was maybe literally 4 strands from both bundles and the closure during the wash so virtually no shedding and its so soft and amazing!!! Yay my research paid off I picked the perfect hair =)


Hi Princess Hair Shop!
I wanted to say I am sooo happy with my hair!
I bought the Brazilian Deep Curly and was worried I would not be able to manage the upkeep as this is my first
weave. I am happy to say the hair is such good quality that it really isn't too much work.
Your customer service was really helpful and talked me through my decision.
I have included a couple of pics of it freshly co-washed and air dried, love it! Last pic is of it two days after co-wash.
Thank you! Thank You!


.I am loving my Brazilian curly wavy hair I purchased no shedding no matting tangling its beautiful!!!!:) not a you tube guru regular person who got great quality hair so 5 stars to this company!!!:) very happy with my purchase can't wait to try another texture!


I was scroling on my favorite website for hair (PHS!! LOL) and i was so pleasant surprised to see my picture on the site!!!! I was flattered being on the site with these other beautifull ladies!!! I have not forgotten about you and princess hair shop! My malaysian curly is still fabolous and i'm still enjoying it!!!


I installed my Eurasian 20" & 22" -over the weekend. I must say I loved it before it was even installed, and love it even more now. My stylist colored the tips of the bottom bundle.. The hair is so light and soft. This is my third hair from your company (Brazilian deep curly, Brazilian pure waves) and its my favorite so far!!


There are so many great reviews about your company and that is the reason I decided to entrust your company. I've ordered from 2 other companies in the past, and I must say that they were not good experiences, even after the reviews.

I must say that I'm pleased to see on your website explaining about the differences that may occur in length when ordering wavy or curly hair. Also, explaining the difference in the types of hair. I really like your website and found it to be very helpful. Thank you in advance.


I ordered your Brazillian Wavy hair for the first time back in January and have been very pleased with the hair.I also want to let you know how pleased I am with your customer service and the quick delivery of your products.


Thank you SO very much for your swift reply! I am solo excited to get this order as I did all my research on the best company to buy virgin hair from and have heard NOTHING but great things about your company and your customer service. I look forward to receiving my order and sharing your info with my friends. Glad I'll be icing in Nor Cal again soon so I'll be close to great hair ;-)


I purchased my hair at the beginning of the month and had a wig made. I am so excited about my wig and princess hair company, there customer service is at the top of the game. You can call and always get somebody on the phone,even on Saturdays that's what business is about . I'm still ordering hair, I intend to try as many textures as my hair texture will allow. Straight truth, then there the shop what better way to feel comfortable then to be able to go into a shop and put your hands on the hair you plan to spend your money on ,that's business!!!! Thank you for your time and patience with me and my purchases have a Blessed Day


I just got my hair! Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate you guys always coming through, no matter the situation. I absolutely love princess hair shop and as long as I'm wearing weave I will always be a loyal customer! I already installed the three bundles I had but I wanted more fullness so I will send you pictures of my second install! I appreciate you guys so much, I can't say it enough: THANK YOU!


I placed an order today and because of the amount I spent, I got a phone call just to make sure I placed the order and there was no fraud. I thought that was so nice and professional and going above and beyond.


Hi, my name is Sharniece and I was given two bundles of your Peruvian natural straight in a 14" and a 12" from one of my newest hair clients. I just wanted to let you know that this hair is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it so much. I didn't even seal the wefts and I'm not experiencing any shedding. Everyone loves my hair. I'm hooked! As soon as I'm able I will be making my own purchases from you for now on.#happy customer!!


I've received the hair today from my express shipping & i'm in LOVE. the closure is flawless.& thank you so much for the chap stick, changing the closure to match & that cute pen

-Dior W

first I wanted to thank jasmine and Kamisha from customer service for answering questions and writing that cute note on my invoice. This is my first time purchasing any hair from an online vendor. I was very nervous because of the $$$ I was paying I didnt want to be disappointed. I recieved my hair on sat jan 12 and I ordered it on thrusday that same week at noon I live in VA so the shipping is very fast. I love my Brazilian curly/waves hair its soft and beautiful it blends well with my thick hair with my hair my hair stylist loves it too she recommended me next time to order three bundles but two is fine for me, I had it installed yesterday the only thing that was a ***con was the shedding :( ***yes ladies all hair sheds this hair still is great quality hair the wefts are constructed very well to last through 3 installs or more I wont need to purchase anymore hair until spring :)...***Sidenote: The shedding is minimal it is not like bss hair that has clumps I just need to next time seal my wefts and condition before install most people don't understand this is donor hair and you have to take care of this hair like your hair all hair sheds *NO tangles*


Your hair was beautiful packaged the hairdresser was very impressed with you adding your special touch to make us the client feel special an its the best customer care an best quality hair I've ever bought .


I am absolutely happy with my purchase from Princess Hair Company. After searching YT for weeks and hours I finally came across some beautiful hair worn by LakiaStar and was like "I gotta have that!" I have the Russian Straight w/ 1 20", 2 18" (used half) and a 14-16'" lace closure and colored the hair a bit to see how well it takes to hair color. I have stopped buying lace fronts, wigs, BSS hair and took the plunge to by something reputable. The quality of the hair is amazing, the price is worth it…you get what you pay for I think. The customer service was great and shipping was very PROMPT! I've done so much to the hair as far as straightening, curling with sponge rollers, wash/conditioning and straightening again! The bounce, sleekness, softness, texture and luster is absolutely perfect for me. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this hair!!! Thank you.

-Ashley Thompson

Hey,my name is Maureen Barrett I ordered the Brazilian Deep curly hair for my daughter in late august..Let me tell you I LOVE this hair on her she braids it up every night and recently straightened it.We found out that the straight texture matches her hair to a T..everyone is always asking her where she got her hair from and recently she puts your cards in her wallet and if anyone asks her anything she hands them the card and writes the name of the hair on the back.In the DMV area everyone is always curious..She has decided she wants to order 3 more bundles for herself for Christmas and offered to buy me some(I said no you're 15 use the money you worked hard for)She dyed the ends of the hair blonde and dyed it black again because she missed it.So she said she's going to wear the hair she has now straight and the 3 bundles she is going to order in its natural state.She LOVESS this hair and even got my 8 sisters into the whole virgin hair thing.I am happy she is happy and we have experienced minimal shedding..alot of tangling but this time shes going to put it on a half wig so its easier to manage.I just want to say we LOVE this hair and ANYTIME the fam needs new hair PHS is my one and only hair shop. Thanks so much for the quality hair :) Next time she orders she said she wants to do a YT series on it..shes a little skeptical but im encouraging her to.Hopefully she does so everyone knows PHS is BOMB.COM


I'm jasmine I ordered the Filipino straight 22,20,18 and the closure. And let me just say this hair is beautiful. I know I look a little crazy in this picture, but after I installed this hair people have been stopping me non stop about it. This was my first time dealing with a closure but I do hair for my college colleagues, and I think I did a damn good job! I absolutely love this hair!!! All the cards you gave me are gone :( because people don't stop asking me, And I've only had it in for one day. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service, and such high quality hair. I am so please with my purchase! I will make a video because your hair is truly the shit!

-Jasmine Thompson

I have purchased virgin hair and closures from several different vendors. I must say that Princess Hair Shop has excellent customer service, fast shipping, and superior quality products. I had a question prior to my purchase so I sent an email. It was answered within 24 hours. My purchase was received in 3 business days.About the hair......I ordered 2 bundles of Filipino Natural Straight/Wavy hair and a matching closure. The wefting is excellent. I experience VERY minimal shedding. The hair length was over 12". The closure is very natural looking and well constructed. The closure is the best one that I have purchased so far.Filipino hair is GORGEOUS! I have tried Indian, Malaysian and Peruvian. This is my favorite by far. It is thick but lightweight. The weight is on the ends so it does its on thing at the bottom. It is so fun to see how it the curls fall at the bottom. Most importantly, I do not have to flat iron or curl everyday. Curls last for days. I am loving this hair!

-Kim Jefferies

I came upon Princess Hair Shop quite by accident in July. I was preparing for a beauty pageant and the normal vendor I used for my curly hair was sold out and customer service was of no help. Like the stereotypical beauty queen, bI officially started freaking out, because I needed to have hair the next day to be able to install it in time for the pageant. I have tried the majority of the major hair vendors online as well as beauty supply brands in the past and knew that they weren’t going to cut it. I took a faith of leap and searched through Youtube reviews of textured curly hair, hoping I can find a brand that I had somehow overlooked..lo and behold I found Princess Hair Shop, it was LakiaStar’s review that sealed the deal...but I was still skeptical. Some hair companies send the best batch of hair to Youtube reviewers, while selling not so good hair to the masses. I had never heard of the brand, plus the brand was relatively new, I knew I had to get some answers. Luckily, they had their contact number on their website and I decided to give them a call. In the past, I would hair companies to ask questions and the majority of them would send me to an automated answering machine and never call me back. I was expecting the same type of treatment, but Jaeda, the CEO of the company- picked up.I wasn’t expecting a real person to pick up, especially not the CEO. It was surprising in a good way. But still, I had to get some questions answered. So I asked her the standard questions about the hair…(Ex: origin of company, type of hair, weft construction, cuticle alignment, texture, virgin, processed, and so on)..Jaeda could have blown me off or cut me off, because my questions were excessive, but she didn’t. I was a bit nervous about the price, because I have never seen virgin hair that was as affordable as her prices, therefore I was extra wary. Well, it became obvious that I was worrying over nothing. JAEDA SPENT FORTY MINUTES ON THE PHONE WITH ME…I repeat, she spent forty minutes on the phone with me, patiently answering any and all of my questions. I truly appreciate her helpfulness, some people would have grown frustrated with all my questions, but she was courteous, kind, KNOWLEDGABLE, and respectful. I asked her whether she could duplicate the same curl pattern as Lakiastar’s. She mentioned that since it is virgin hair, it would not be the exact same, but she would try to find hair that was as close to possible to the coarseness and curl pattern of Lakiastar’s hair. I also asked her whether she would be able to get me the hair overnight. She mentioned that she would try to get it to me the next day, but there were no guarantees.I crossed my fingers, said a prayer, and placed an order. I wake up the next day to the doorbell ringing at 10am with my delivery!!!!! Wow! I placed my order in the afternoon the day before, it shows up the next morning…I do not live in the same region as the company is located…in fact I am located almost across the country, yet she was still able to get the hair to me! I was impressed and stunned at how amazing Princess Hair Shop is!I opened the package and there is a personalized, handwritten note explaining how they tried their best to get the type of hair I wanted and that they hoped that I liked it (Shout out to Jasmine who wrote the note!). I thought that was a very nice touch. They also enclosed some chap stick with their logo on it. Interesting...Okay, now let’s get to the hair. I open the hair and it looks luscious, even without product. They got my precise requirements correct. I wanted really coarse kinky hair, but I wanted a 3b curl pattern, which is relatively hard type to find as virgin hair (i.e. coarse virgin hair in that particular type of curl ringlet pattern) but they succeeded! I conditioner washed the hair, put some leave in conditioner (this hair does not like heavy products or even much product, in fact later on I would start diluting my leave in conditioner with water), and diffused the hair. The hair was beautiful, it was very reminiscent of Amel Larriuex’s hair when it is defined, which is exactly the look I was going for. Although I did not win the overall pageant, everyone thought the hair was my own, and I won the “Miss Natural Beauty” consolation prize. :-) Although I have since taken out the hair, I kept the hair installed for three months, and can still reuse it at a later date. Thank you Princess Hair Shop for coming through! Your prices are affordable, your hair is good quality, and you offer excellent customer service. You have a loyal customer in me for many years to come.

-Michelle Noire

I just had to share my experience with this wonderful product. Last week I ordered the Brazilian Pure Waves ( 3 bundles) and it was here in literally 2 days. Of course after sharing in the moments of excitement with the other Princesses with their youtube reviews, I couldn't wait to share my experience. Well ladies let me say, if you're still indecisive about if you should become a princess, rest assured your purchase will be one of the best investments you've ever made. I LOVEEEEEEE this hair, when I got my install today, every stylist and lady there wanted to touch the hair admiring the beauty, and 2 ladies immediately got on their Kindle Fires and went to the site to purchase.....(So Serious). Jaeda is awesome and her customer service makes the product all the more desirable.

Take the plunge ladies, you will not be disappointed. I now have my eyes set on the Russian straight Open-mouth smile

Thanks Jaeda


Im just writing to let you know about my hair. I had in for 2 1/2 months now and will be taking it out within the next week. The hair was great. The curls always stayed defined and I didnt have a big problem with tangling. At first I had a hard time blending, but I eventually got the hang of it. It only tangled toward the back of my neck, but nothing running my hand through it a few times couldnt fix. It hardly ever shedded, only when I washed it or wet it. I even straightened it and it curled right back up. I am very very pleased. Especially because it was my first virgin hair. I got tons and tons of compliments and some people even thought it was my real hair. Keep doing what you do Ms. Jaeda and God will continue to bless you. Thanks again for everything. :)


I am very grateful for your assistance today helping me complete my order. =) Princess hair shop's customer service has by far surpassed any other hair vendor i have purchased from, and i have been wearing extensions for years now. I have been reading reviews about Princess Hair Shop's hair company and the quality of the hair has been rated excellent. The customer service is amazing and you ladies are just wonderful, and a joy to speak with. You have made my first experience with Princess Hair Shop a very pleasant one. keep up the good work! I just cant wait to make another purchase from Princess Hair Shop!