First I want to say thank you so much for all your help. You have the best online customer service. The hair quality here in Oklahoma is really sad. Pretty sure Ive got you new customers...I will be passing your name around town for surel

-Alex B

Just wanted to let you know that my hair turned out great! I love it! I have 12" & 14" The hair is amazing!


omggg i just recieved my hair today and itss soooo beautiful thank you so much i cant wait to order moreee in a couple months this just made me so excited for my birthday =)THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH


Client started out with a 16,18 but due to the heat we opted to razor cut it into a bob I must say over the four months my client had had her hair it has not tangled or nothing the quality is ver great look forward to work with it more

-Japan Stylez

Thank you. I have received my hair and so far, I love it. I will being gettin a hold of u soon to arranged something for a client of mine as well. Thank you :)


I originally bought a bundle of 10" and 12" and installed it. I'm just not a long hair wearing kinda girl. I wanted it to look as natural as possible. The first pic was 3 months ago and it was just big and beautiful just the way I liked it. Because I live in the south where it is extremely hot and I am outdoors alot....I cut it even more but still in love with it. I can work out and dont feel like I have a beehive on my head. both pics are full sew in with just about an inch of the perimeter left out for blending. . This is the first sew in for both of us and plan on using this hair again for the Fall....this time I'll keep the length


I can't get enough of my Malaysian curly! Everywhere I go, people from all walks of life, forget their nyc pride to ask me where I got my hair. Even after a year of posting a pic, I still have people asking me for your web address. This hair is just awesome and I'm looking forward to trying another type this summer! I love phs! #phsjunkie


Im ready to retire my malaysian curly, maybe the eurasian deep wavy is a good option. PHS is #1. I get so many compliments on "my hair". Just traveled cross country and gave out your contact info/website at LEAST 25 times! From PA to IL, to CA. Ive been using my Malaysian for installs since FEB! Best hair ever! #customerforlife

-Aaliyah Jones

I got my Malaysian Curly 14 & 16 installed & I LOVE IT!!!! I've gotten soo many compliments on it, people actually are surprised when I tell them that the back is a weave.... thank you so much!!! This is indeed money well spent. /p>


I LOVE my Indian Wavy Princess hair!! I tell ALL my clients and absoloutely everyone that stops and asks me about my hair to check out PHS.com or they can drive over like I did..had a GREAT experience! So ladies if you any doubts, DON'T!

-Sharon Roach

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! This is by far the best hair I have ever bought. I mean its simply amazing. I had it professionally colored today and I am beyond pleased by how amazing the hair held up.Another thing your customer service is amazing! You've got yourself a loyal customer.


thank you for the wonderful customer service. I now will be doing a review on this hair to share will the world how good your customer service is. I will be a returning customer.


The customer service from Princess hair shop really helped me alot in my decision making. It took me months in doing my research and finally coming to the conclusion that out of all hair companies princess hair shop has really mad me feel comfortable, with answering, any and all my questions. Also giving me suggestions of their own and I haven't even placed my order yet. It's also a plus that PHS sells diverse textures and types of hair.

You Ladies Are the best!


I freakin looovvvveee the Brazilian pure waves hair!!!! Its 18 and 20 inches. had this for a few months now and still looks great! no tangles, no shedding, and dont need to use so much products on this hair. I use Brazilian Tech One'n'Only shampoo and conditioner and a dab of their hair lotion to prevent frizziness just every 2 weeks! the MORE products you put on the hair, the MORE shedding and tangling! This hair can survive through anything! I go to the gym everyday, sweating more than 10 men put together and this hair is still low maintenance! Couldn't be better! U ladies have the best customer service on the earth! Thank you for showing how to take care of my hair also.


I wanted to take the time to let you know that i received my product today and i was extremely pleased. The hair was nice and soft, smelled good and had plenty of curls. This is the hair that i was expecting when i made the order. I'm very happy with the end result and i can't wait to share the news among my peers.


First let me say how much I LOVE this hair! So low maintenance and easy to work with compared to other curly hair I have used. I am currently on my second install of this hair. I did not have any problems with the first instal which I wore for about 2 and a half months, washed once a week and conditioned. I recently purchased a closure to install with my older 2 packs. I put them in last week and they look great.


Thank you so much for my Brazilian wavy curly! I just got it done and I love the texture and how it flows! Everyone is asking where I got it! So I'm sending them your way! Thanks again!


I just want to let you know that I jusr got my new Cambodian Loose Curly Hair installed, which consisted of (3) 26 inches (1) 24 inch and (1) 22inch, total of five bundles of hair! I don't use closures at all, and my natural texture was a perfect match! The quality of the hair is superb to other companies that I have tried. This was my first time ordering from Princess Hair Shop and you have a customer for life!


I want to say to you yet again, thank you for taking care of my problem hair today. That was really unexpected and showed a level of customer care and service knowledge that is sorely lacking in businesses these days.I was so pleasantly surprised and genuinely in awe at your business practices


Hi guys! Wanted to send you all a quick email to let you know that I absolutely love my hair! It's so soft and pretty. I ordered 2 bundles of Eurasian straight to wavy in 18" and 16". I wish I would've order a 3rd bundle because its not as full as I would like. I love the hair nonetheless & ill be ordering a couple more bundles with you all soon.


Good morning my favorite hair company just wanted to give my continued thank you I've had my hair a little over a month Cambodian curly I've straightened the hair and OMG I'm in LOVE all over again I sent a previous email when I first got it installed rocking curly this is my updated look


Thank you so much your service is amazing. I have not seen your product in person but ladies your care to your customers goes way beyond. I will definitely here all the way from Australia give your company as many customers as possible.Thank you so much for all your efforts and care.


Thank you for your excellent customer service. It's a great feeling to know that as customer I am valued and apprecated. This is one of the reasons I dont by box hair from the local beauty supply store, they have terrible customer service. Princess Hair Shop has always treated me with respect which is why I came back.

Again, thank you for all that you do.


I had my hair installed today. I love it. Already, 6 women and 1 man approach me regarding my hair. How beautiful it is. I'm constantly on the go and in a very high profile position. My image is everything. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to communicate with me about your hair and ensure the texture and patterns were a very close match. This is my 46yrs old birthday hair and my spring break vacation hair. So far, so good... I am loving it.


Received my zebra digital ceramics flat irons today. Washed, deep conditioned and flat ironed my hair. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! ! Thank u so much Princess Hair Shop!!

Thank You