thanks for always providing extraordinary customer service and great quality in hair that NO ONE can match!


I just wanted to know when will you be getting Malaysian Curly 20" as well as Brazilian Deep Curly 18", 20" and 22". I would like to purchase as soon as possible. By the way, I don't care what other customers say, your customer service is excellent. I was having tangling and matting issues and once I began using Paul Mitchell as Jasmine had recommended, my hair has been working beautifully.


I recieved my hair last week. I purchased the russian straight and the 2 bundles of eraisian straight and i truely love it.It is so long i have 17, 25, 27 and love it. i didnt experience any shedding when i colored it jet black.The lady that helped me deside which texturewould be good for me wsa so nice. customer service was great. I finally found a hair supplier that i can really say that i am so happy with.


So i got the hair and it's amazing!!A bit different from the brazilian texture but still as good!Im very happy with my choice!I cut the wefts and applied tapes and it looks amazing!!!I also dye the hair like ombre style and it took the color very well!!!


Thanks so much Jasmine.Your company's customer service is incredible.I will definitely return for more hair and recommend you.You guys are wonderful... So efficient.


I'v never received this many compliments on my hair. It was soft, easy to maintain, and it looked awesome. My stylist had 4 new clients come in asking for the same style. My order was processed promptly and arrived quickly.


Eurasian natural straight/wavy hair self install and self ombre... Pic is not revealing that it is more of an auburn with golden tips BUT I like the way this photo came out so HERE I AM showing you what I was able to do with yet another satisfied purchase.


I just wanted to say I just made my 3rd princess hair shop purchase and I just love you all hair and customer service. Since my first purchase I haven't brought hair from any other company I feel very loyal to the company. I am so excited about trying the Russian straight I truly wanted to try the Eurasian but you are out of lengths. I will try that texture for my graduation in December. I just wanted to say thank you for your customer services and perfect hair.


I just wanted to say you all have very good customer service!! Your responses are quick. Thanks for all the help and advice.


Thank you for responding so promptly! I really appreciate your enthusiasm and customer service. I've never purchased hair from your store but I've been doing lots of homework and research and I fell in love with that eurasian deep curly hair


I'v never received this many compliments on my hair. It was soft, easy to maintain, and it looked awesome. My stylist had 4 new clients come in asking for the same style. My order was processed promptly and arrived quickly.


I want forget though I told my girlfriends last night about your awesome service so they can pay your site a visit as well!


Thank you very much for this email I found it very helpful. Your company truly puts a lot of care and effort into your products.


This is Twyla I have the eurasian straight/wavy a 14, 16, and 18inch installed on a u part wig. I absolutely LOVE my hair this is my second texture from you all :)!!l


That's the reason i'll always be a loyal custumer!!! The quality of this hair is so amazing!!! I dyed the hair, i use hot iron to make curls, to straight the hair etc... Almost everyday!!! Just amazing the quality !! Love love love it!!!
Princess hair shop forever!!


Hi Ladies - I just wanted to let you all know how my 2 bundles (12 & 14in) were doing from your "Guess Our New Texture" Giveaway. Attached, please find a couple of picks that I took once I finally n do layered it. I wore it a few times uncut, but it's officially the business now. I will be ordering more hair soon, please believe it!! Thanks again dolls!!l


I just wanted to reach out to Princess Hair Shop to let everyone know how satisfied I am with my purchase. I purchased the Eurasian Straight/Wavy Hair 18 & 20 inches in June and I absolutely love it! First off, the customer service is outstanding. I actually spoke to someone and they helped pick out the kind of hair that I was looking for. I had several questions since my last purchase of hair from another vendor disappointed me. The Eurasian hair is #1 on my list. The texture blended well with my hair (which I was very skeptical of since I have a fine/wavy type course of hair). The hair probably shed one strand of hair after the installation, which is remarkable. I am about to get my hair redone and I will be reusing the hair. It has not failed me yet. Everyone gives me wonderful compliments. I will definitely recommend this company. The quality, customer service, and to seal the deal, the money back guarantee is rare. Thanks for everything!
I have attached a picture of what my hair looks like now after 6 weeks post installation.


Thank you for the awesome service. I received my package yesterday!! Thanks ladies!



I have no words!!! I love my hair sooooo much!!! This hair is so beautiful and so soft!!! Im so in love with it!! I love love love it!!! Thank you guys soooo much!!! Keep up ur amazing customer service!!! Xoxo


Thank you for honoring your word and refunding my account. Your hair is awesome! After having purchased and experienced the texture of the Eurasian product purchased previously, I can truly attest that your description and representation of the quality of your products is true and factual.

I now have found a place that I will continue doing business with in the future. Keep your prices reasonable and continue to sell quality products and you'll never go out of business.


This Cambodian is absolutely gorgeous thank you so much
No tangles no shedding
You would think with curly hair yuh cudnt run your fingers through but it goes straight through


Although I am an aficionado of the peruvian straight as that is what I've purchased from you before, but I would like to try this texture. And as always..while I may check other sites out of curiosity, after I've checked yours first, I always come back to you because I trust you, you're reliable and just great altogether. Thank you for your help!


Thank you so much for processing my order and the amazing customer service. I had so many questions when I was placing the order and everyone was so helpful. I will hopefully be purchasing more hair after trying out my current order. So excited to get my hair.


I will go to hell for this hair I just can't see myself without it I love it and more importantly it loves me. I'm crazy but the hair has been the best I get so much questions and stares because of it. I'm living a fairy tale life and its because of my princess shop hair.


I have been through a lot of different hair companies and have tried a lot of different textures of hair. But this hair by far is the BEST hair that i have ever received. I am an extremely picky person when it comes to my hair and I've had this hair installed for over a month and have not had any disappointments with it. I think its safe to say that i have found my hair company. I would love to try all the different textures that you have. Anyone looking for a great hair company i would definitely recommend to PHS. The hair blends well and colors even better. Thank you for providing such good hair =